Tom Palmer is an artist of extraordinary range, mastering an ever expanding array of materials and techniques. He finds inspiration in natural phenomena and artistic traditions, in particular the aesthetic of modern Japanese makers and artists. Likewise the religious and fine art of medieval Europe, viewing them through a modern lens in pursuit of something new and unexpected.

Finding inspiration, he applies and develops his technical capability and knowledge of working with a wide range of materials, whether with ancient stone or modern, often pushing known boundaries to evolve processes and produce distinct new material combinations.

The pieces presented here illustrate the extraordinary diversity of his work: from sculptural pieces to bespoke installations and elements for architectural projects.

These are largely custom made to order, and in most cases their inherent material construction allows for a variety of applications, sometimes on large scale. Please refer to each listing for more information.


Landes Candlesticks cast in plaster by Tom Palmer
Landes Candlesticks
Lith Tables
Parabolic Table by Tom Palmer
Parabolic Bench
Ghost Mirror
Ionian Iris Mirror
Constellation Mirrors
Moon Pool commission by Guilded artist Tom Palmer
Moon Pool
Io Moon
Moon Rise (Homebound)
Fallingwater Screen
Lei for Bertoia
Broken Sound Bowls
Aegean Mirror
Pleiades Mirror
Luna Screen by Guilded artist Tom Palmer
Lunar Screen
Berg Vase
Vault Vessel sculptures in Alabaster by Tom Palmer
Vault Vessels
The circular Baltic Iris Mirror in metal frame with brass finish by Tom Palmer studio, the amber and orange colour of the cast lens inspired by the rich tones of amber found around the Baltic Sea.
Baltic Mirror
Parabolic Console Table

Since I first promoted his emergence to a discerning clientele of private clients and designers, Tom has developed a diverse offer and his time is variously spent realising custom orders and projects in development. Given the variety of his output, the key to understanding Palmer is in his willingness to experiment without fear of failure. This gives him the freedom not just to pursue a vision but to take it to a new place. In fact the willingness to work and marry materials beyond known boundaries, to adapt or develop new techniques in order to do so, and blend these with a unique creative vision are the essential ingredients of his metier.

Each piece has a mysterious quality that belies its functionality. His recent Lith tables have the appearance of rock crystal, or perhaps ice, and like all his designs, they read first as intriguing artwork, belying their function. What appears to be a giant iris of an eye mounted on a wall morphs into a deep pool of reflective blue depending on the viewpoint of its convex form.

Testament to his approach are the extent of experimental workings amassed in corners of his studio. This Aladdin’s cave contains evidence of days spent mastering water-silvering, or attempts to work out the optimum techniques to achieve optical effects with lenses and resins. There is an irresistible quality to every raw material or iteration of an idea in his studio, each representing a point on a journey that ultimate culminates in an extraordinary work of art .

A brief overview of some recent pieces gives an insight into Tom’s astonishing range. As well as working on his own pieces, Tom develops and creates specific elements for many projects on a more architectural scale for both private and industry clients.

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