Tom Palmer is an artist, a master of material and developer of unique processes, whose work oscillates between the conceptual and decorative arts and collectible custom design.

Drawing on traditions of craftsmanship and material experimentation he finds inspiration in artistry and techniques from around the world, threading this with a fascination with natural phenomena and capturing them in his designs. He explores traditional and cutting edge techniques which require dedication and vision to master their potential, often working push known boundaries, and risking failure in the pursuit of innovation and excellence.

Tom develops his designs to a final artwork which are illustrated here, and for which enquiries are welcomed for customisation. His body of work, combined with his mastering of new material combinations, processes and techniques, then informs conversations for original bespoke projects.



Pleiades Mirror
Parabolic Series
Moon Rise (Homebound)
Moon Pool commission by Guilded artist Tom Palmer
Moon Pool
Luna Screen by Guilded artist Tom Palmer
Lunar Screen
Lei for Bertoia
Ionian Iris
Io Moon
Ghost Mirror
Fallingwater Screen
Constellation Mirrors
Broken Sound Bowls
Aegean Mirror

Tom Palmer’s distinct offer includes mirrors, functional art and furniture, objects, wall panels and screens. The designs presented below are concepts developed to a single original design. The majority of these can be custom-made and specially designed for your space or project. They also serve to exemplar the diversity of material skill and technical capability which can inform bespoke projects.

Examples of custom iterations are displayed beneath the listing along with links to example commissions. Since first encouraging his emergence to a discerning clientele of private clients and designers, Tom has developed a diverse proposition and his time is variously spent working on a number of custom orders and projects in development. Given the variety of his output, the key to understanding Palmer is in his willingness to experiment without fear of failure. This gives him the freedom not just to pursue a vision but to take it to a new place. In fact the willingness to work and marry materials beyond known boundaries, to adapt or develop new techniques in order to do so, and blend these with a unique creative vision are the essential ingredients of his metier.

Each piece has a mysterious quality that belies its functionality. A table sculpture created by splicing and engineering antlers becomes a candelabra with the addition of candles, and the same technique can prove the basis around which a centre table is designed. What appears to be a giant iris of an eye mounted on a wall morphs into a deep pool of reflective blue depending on the viewpoint of its convex form. Testament to Palmer’s approach are the extent of samples and experimental workings amassed in corners of his studio. This Aladdin’s cave contains evidence of days spent mastering water-silvering, or attempts to work out the optimum techniques to achieve optical effects with lenses and resins. There is an irresistible quality to every raw material or iteration of an idea in his studio, each representing a journey that has ultimately culminated in a sublime end-result.


  • BRINK: Launch Exhibition, London 2017. Brink is an organisation devoted to sculpture and science.
  • ARTSY: Online retrospective “Material Reflections” 2017/18
  • COLLECT: International Fair for Contemporary Objects, staged at the Saatchi Gallery London, Feb 22-25 2018 with Guilded
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