Guilded’s model of representation encourages custom enquiries. We illustrate designs which Guilded artists can adapt according to your requirement.

Guilded distinguishes two categoies to custom art:

Custom Made as the customisation of a prototype or existing design as illustrated in the Artists Gallery, and

Bespoke as the development of a unique and original design with an artist or studio for you and your space. The artist or studio recommended may include, but is not limited to, those representated by Guilded.

Custom Made

The offer for customisation varies between artists and may include variations in dimension and design, colour, frame material and finish choice. The options for individual artists are best explained in direct response to enquiries as options will vary.

Guilded’s custom offer is limited to the works featured in the gallery listings. A number of listings feature custom made versions in the accompanying images.

Please enquire by email, providing your contact details, and we will respond by return.


Guilded specialises in recommending and collaborating with artists in response to a client seeking an original and unique artwork or interior furnishing designed exclusively for their space and person.

Charlotte Bowater will offer her expertise to develop the brief.  The brief may start with a simple ‘We have a wall we don’t know what to do with’ in a private home, or ‘We want a conversation piece to pull together the dining area’.

The development of the brief will involve establishing dimensions, surrounding furnishings, suitabiltiy of materials, preferences with regard to style and texture. Charlotte will guide this process, drawing out what she needs and offering thoughts for consideration.

Once the brief established, Charlotte responds with two or more draft ideas, advising budget requirement on each – thereby empowering the client with understanding of what can be achieved at what budget.

Feedback from this will enable Charlotte to move forward to develop more than one proposal.

Development fee structures vary according to artist and will be advised early on.

Please email [email protected] or use the enquiry form adjacent to each listing to make your initial enquiry.

Charlotte Bowater of Guilded and artist Gill Wilson discuss a collaboration