Charlotte Bowater

Charlotte is devoted to promoting excellence in the field of material and process led contemporary art. Her knowledge and interest took root when studying for a BA Hons Degree in History of Art and Heritage Management, and developed during a career at the highest level of the art market.

Charlotte’s deep understanding of materials and techniques is informed by years of working closely with highly skilled makers and designers. She has an acute appreciation and eye for the skills and marques that distinguish exceptional artistry. Passionate about the value of relationship, she offers a light touch in bridging the skill and potential of each artist with the requirements of individual clients.


Charlotte founded Guilded Ltd in 2010 to promote exceptional British material and process led artists and to reignite the status and regard in which the decorative arts have been held over the centuries. The name Guilded pays homage to the tradition of Guilds, the model of which likewise facilitate the development of skill, and confer master status where earned.

Guilded specialises in custom-made art, the digital gallery presenting works that are either available as illustrated and which can also be customised to suit the requirements of individual clients.

Clients are a blend of international design, private and corporate clients seeking distinct and exceptional artwork which reflects their values, taste and/or aspiration for the space and those who experience it.

On enquiry every client receives expert guidance on the custom potential in each piece, and the artist overall. The artwork is then purchased or commissioned by Guilded from the artist on the client’s behalf, thereby offering peace of mind to the client that every detail will be tailored to perfection and they will receive professional service and timely communication throughout. This is particularly important to clients abroad who appreciate a seamless service that include shipping and installation, and the reassurance that their interests as clients are protected.

In 2021 the trading name evolved to Guilded by Charlotte Bowater to reflect personal service.

Guilded is based in Dorset and focuses on digital representation complemented by collaborations, partnerships and occasional leading art fairs.

Custom Art

Discover a range of services which inspire artistic talent and facilitate the commissioning process from a simple custom request to an entirely bespoke responses for individual spaces and organisations.

Upcoming events

Guilded by Charlotte Bowater partners with major British Luxury Brand for  London Craft Week, 4-10 October 2021.

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Client List

We offer a discreet, confidential service to private clients. Below is a sample of Design Clients.

  • Areen Design
  • Tory Burch Global Store Design
  • Dell Mitchell Architects
  • Rodney Lawrence Inc
  • Catalfano Interiors
  • PolyArt (China)
  • HSH Interiors (USA)
  • Daniel Roumualdez Architects
  • Canvas Art Consultants (Asia)
  • Ken Fulk (San Francisco)
  • Powell & Bonnell (Canada)
  • Markham Roberts (USA)
  • Gara & Company (USA)
  • Sansiri (Thailand) w/Ralph Lauren
  • ICArt (Oslo)
  • Tocha Project (Los Angeles)
  • Francie Readman Interiors
  • Eugene Lawrence & Co
  • EC Group (LA)
  • Richard Hallberg Interior Design
  • Emmar Development (Dubai)
  • O&A Design (Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design) (Moscow)