Inspired by the raw beauty of natural Quartz rock crystal and the possibilities of a new Acrylic material, the Lith side tables are composed of a trio of raw blocks of crystalline acrylic, providing the perfect sculptural accent table.

Contrasting faces of the blocks are textured with a raw machined surface which alternates with the perfectly polished faces and arch detail that cuts through the largest block.

The Crystalline acrylic is created with a new technique that uses a minimum of 70% recycled acrylic content and cast in a way which allows internal flaws and fractures to develop in the acrylic block. These are infused with the precious metal Palladium, which flows into the natural fractures to be encapsulated into the final piece as silvery inclusions and flaws running through the blocks.



Tables illustrated:  30cm x 30cm x 50cm high

Made to order, lead time 5  weeks. Each casting will be unique due to the casting process and hand finishing.

Custom dimensions available with scope to scale up to items of large size such as dining tables or architectural features.

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