Recent commission hung
in New York yesterday

Commissioning a work of art for your space requires vision and confidence that the outcome you have in mind will be achieved to perfection.

You will want all the options and potential open to you explained, as well as the costs and practicalities, so you can made a considered judgement. When the piece is made, in this case some 2,000 miles away, you want to know it wil be delivered to you safely but cost-effectively and hung on the wall by a professional.

With Guilded, whatever your particular aim, the entire process is facilitated and overseen on your behalf from start to completion.

This latest commission for artist Blott Kerr Wilson for a 140x140cm framed shellwork was photographed after hanging yesterday. Our client has kindly given permission for her response to be shared:

“The piece is so beautiful I’m still mesmerized by it.  It is exactly what I wanted, and it turned out exactly the way I envisioned it.  It really doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

As a side note, Anthony from ProHang was great.  I would recommend using him for future jobs in this area.  After scooping up mountains of green popcorn from the crate, he had the patience to gently vacuum the piece after hanging it.”

For further information about commissioning Blott Kerr Wilson please do get in touch. We provide visual points of reference, advise on the potential in her work and adaptability to various applications. Above all, we listen to and enable clients, delivering results that elicit a response like that shared above every time.