Guilded welcomes enquiries for assistance with sourcing art for your project or space. Our focus is on material or process led artist-designer-makers.


There can be a number of reasons you may want to consider support with sourcing:

  • You have seen a work of art but it is sold or unavailable, or you may not be sure who created it. 
  • You are time poor but may have a sense of what you are looking for.
  • You particularly admire an artist’s work and would appreciate an insight into what is available and pricing.
  • You would like to negotiate price, we offer to act for you.
  • You may appreciate the advantages offered by the discretion Guilded offers its clients. With Anti-Money Laundering regulations applying to Art Market Participants vendors are obliged to run AML checks. Where you purchase direct from the a gallery Guilded can perform this check once and share the approval with the vendor without exposing your information.  Where you would prefer privacy Guilded can purchase on your behalf.
  • Guilded can arrange carriage or shipment and installation.

There follows an example of an enquiry:

A client of Guilded in the Far East had long admired the work of ‘living national treasure’ Olga de Amaral.  Olga de Amaral is a Colombian textile and visual artist known for her large-scale abstract works made with fibers and covered in gold and/or silver leaf.

Her work is represented in over 40 museums internationallly including the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Charlotte was developing a major bespoke installation for the client at the time, who also had long admired de Amaral’s work and was considering purcahsing a piece by the artist. At their request Charlotte set to research and familiarising herself with de Amaral’s catalogue and representative galleries in order to be in a position guidance and make recommendations. In so doing Charlotte spoke to de Amaral’s daughter Valentina who today manages her mother’s body of work. This, combined with more extensive reserach identified key works and intelligence on pricing which served to ensure the client achieved their goal before prices increased worldwide. 

Charlotte, through Guilded, procured the works for her client and make the arrangements for shipping to the client’s residence in Thailand.


Our sourcing service is usually remunerated through negotiation at purchase by Guilded to a maximum percentage, with the client not paying any more for the work acquired. However, this is dependent on the nature of the project and vendor. Please contact Charlotte for more information as there may be circumstance where a fee/commission split is more appropriate. 

Espacio a gilded textile by Olga de Amaral procured by Guilded on behalf of a client

Espacio by Olga de Amaral