Charlotte Bowater and Gill Wilson discuss a partnership

Partnering with Guilded offers the opportunity to:

  • Distinguish your brand, project or space through art
  • Tell the story of your brand through creative collaboration
  • Engage your existing customers in a fresh way
  • Attract new, target customers through intelligent collaborations and events

Your brand is built on values and has a story to communicate. Material and process led art presents an opportunity to do this in an original way that can interlink with your visual merchandising and communications.

Brand aspirations can include the following:

Luxury goods retailer: 

  • Highlight the craftsmanship and quality of materials that underpins your goods.
  • Collaborate with an artist designer maker to introduce fresh creativity or technical skill to your product, e.g. a limited edition or new product range
  • Inject fresh creativity into your visual merchandising and potentially link to an external  event such as London Craft Week or the London Design Festival. 
  • Host events such as talks and exhibitions to engage a new audience. The attention of a  customer who appreciates the craftsmanship in a fine watch or the marque of a luxury car can be drawn laterally to appreciate the same in your brand. 


  • Go beyond procuring art for decoration purposes only. Invite a collaboration that distinguishes and visually underlines and enhances your offer.


  • Communicate and assert your corporate values, aspirations and heritage through collaborative projects. The original artist concept, over which there will be IP and a contractual framework, can then be adopted and rolled out in collaboration with your internal or external communications teams

What is the advantage of a Partnership with Guilded?

Guilded has the connections, expertise and mechanisms to facilitate effective collaborations.

Our contribution starts with establishing a clear understanding of what you want to communicate or, if you already know, what you want to achieve.  We also serve to expand your understanding of what is possible.

Once the basis of a brief has been discussed, our role is to use our expertise to identify the artist and potential for collaboration. 

It is then essential to work in agreement with both parties having a clear understanding of their commitment and responsibilities with regard to costs, insurances and Intellectual Property. A good example of the latter is where an artist may develop original work for your brand, on the understanding that it is for a single property in London. If your brand has multiple ‘properties’ in the UK or abroad, and you later wish to roll out the project across these, it is advisable to have agree the terms around the artist’s IP beforehand. 

Guilded supports this process to enable agreement to be reached and remove grey areas from even the most simple collaboration. 

Interested? Please contact Charlotte Bowater at Guilded