GUILDED presented ‘Transfiguration’ at COLLECT – the International Fair for Contemporary Objects, at the Saatchi Gallery, London 22-25th February – Stand 8.2

Transfiguration is defined as:
“a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state”.

Charlotte Bowater, founder of Guilded, invited four artists to develop their response to the notion of Transfiguration. Their responses ranged from the literal, by working with their chosen raw materials and transforming their form and appearance into something perceived as more beautiful or sublime, to the conceptual.

Each individual delved into more complex ideas around Transfiguration; such as the belief that all things, including humanity, have the ability to evolve and be transfigured whether through time, through external influence or simply the way we choose to view them.

Visitors were invited to consider the concept of universal connectedness, that all things are interconnected and in relationship with one another in some way. Thus they were prompted to consider how each piece resonates with them.

Through this project each artist/craftsperson took their practice, and our appreciation of their skill, to a new level. The outcome wass conceptual craft, underpinned by an intellectual rigour from which innovation in material and process followed.

Anita Carnell: Hand-stitched leather panels

Kari Furre: Fish leather and metalwork

Joel Parkes: Sculptor

Tom Palmer: Metalwork and advanced materials.

Guilded stand at Collect Fair 2018 showing work by Tom Palmer_Anita Carnell_Kari Furre_Joel Parkes