The Fallen Deodar

Nearly at the end of the edition, this was major bronze cast by the Bronze Age Foundry in East London, and finished according to the clients preference. By Devon based artist Jilly Sutton the sculpture is entitled ‘The Fallen Deodar’ after the ancient tree which had toppled in the wind, and from which it was carved.

The appeal of Sutton’s artistry is manifold, but the element that stands out is the spiritual peacefulness that her work conveys. We have secured the artist’s casting and will be shipping it to a client in the Far East, in whose garden it is designed to be ‘discovered and to promote contemplation’.

The search for the perfect sculpture for this client’s requirement took some time. Other artist’s were considered, but none who work had the purity of Jilly Sutton’s. Her work succeeds in transcending culture and religion, this being an element that particularly appealed to our client.