Artist Louise Heighes for_Guilded by Charlotte Bowater


I am delighted to welcome Louise Heighes as the most recent addition to Guilded’s group of exceptional material and process led artists.

With a background designing for luxury brands, including Chanel, Louise specialises in custom made hand-sculpted leather artwork and panels.

Her background in textile design and developing new material concepts is married with her intrigue in the repeated patterns found in nature. Exploring the tactile and malleable qualities of leather and other luxury materials by cutting and weaving two surfaces to create elegant three-dimensional reliefs.

Framed artworks are offered for sale, with custom enquiries for artworks and interior projects such as door panels welcomed.

Louise’s studio is in East London where she creates her bespoke work. She launched on to the scene with her Masters in Textile Design from Central St. Martin’s, selling her final degree collection to Chanel in Paris. 

She then spent many years in the fashion industry, designing textiles and new material concepts for luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Azzedine Alaia, Nike and Chanel. 

She has since taken ownership of her artistry and handworks luxury materials to produce custom artwork for private and interior design clients for a variety of interior applications, adapting her material to suit requirement.

Louise has accumulated a portfolio, which includes repeat designs suitable for application to panels, inspired by the repeating patterns found in nature, whether in a plant, feather, leaf or shell. Interested in the way two surfaces can become one when intertwined, cut or woven together she works her leather with precision; cutting, scupting and moulding to enrich the flat surface into three dimension. The designs in her portfolio can serve as a starting point for custom orders and inspiration for bespoke discussions.

Every piece is designed for the space for which it is intended, the leather available in 50 shades or custom dyed to suit. 

Please view a selection of her artworks in the Gallery . 

The leader piece ‘Fir’ was brought about in conversation with Charlotte Bowater. Particular attention has been paid to framing, to reflect the quality of Louise’s craftsmanship, and to colour as a means to illustrating how the choice of leather colour can inform a design. 

Louise also works with other luxury materials including faux leather which enables her work to be displayed in more humid environments. Enquiries are welcomed for projects, working with designers and joiners in the interiors market to create panels for doors, headboards or room screens. Her work can made as wall tiles or laid under glass for tables, desk tops and bars for an intruiging decorative effect.

Fir_leather_artwork_by Louise Heighes_Guilded by Charlotte Bowater

Detail of leather artwork by Louise Heighes for Guilded by Charlotte Bowater