Helen Amy Murray

We are delighted to announce the significant sale by Guilded of the first original artwork by Helen Amy Murray.  This post is written not just to publish the sale but to illustrate the concept behind Guilded and demonstrate how it plays out to the benefit of artist and client.

On the one hand we encourage the creative development of exceptional artists and makers by encouraging them to produce speculative pieces that are handled by Guilded much as a dealer handles and promotes a work of art. The intention in this is two fold: to effect the sale of the piece itself, as well as to stimulate commissions from its promotion.

On the other hand we serve clients who look to Guilded for recommendations and opportunities to purchase from, or commission, exceptional artists and craftsmen to their personal taste. In this Guilded acts as agent and handles the entire process from brief and commission to delivery on behalf of both maker and client.

Charlotte Bowater, Director of Guilded, says:

“Three years ago Helen and I met and discussed how Guilded and the Helen Amy Murray studio might work together in the future. Helen has built a very successful business over the years creating bespoke sculpted leather wall panels which are installed in the finest addresses and yachts worldwide. One result for Helen personally was that the demand of managing and developing the business was overtaking time for personal artistic development. The solution was to work on the business structure to create enough free time for her to personally create original one-off artworks that are in process, concept and actuality independent of the Helen Amy Murray studio business.

The process of restructuring around a hectic studio schedule has taken the best part of the last two years. However, this process complete, Helen was invited to show at the inaugural Crafted: Makers of the Exceptional showcase at Somerset House last month and this galvanised her to create her first signature artwork: “Conversation: 2013”.

As soon as  “Conversation: 2013” was released for sale I was delighted to offer it to a private client who had already expressed a desire to commission the studio at my recommendation.  They recognised the unique opportunity to acquire the first framed artwork by Helen herself  and decided on its acquisition. This exceptional piece will now take centre stage in a room, the interior decoration of which will now be determined around it.

It is a real pleasure to look back on a conversation held a couple of years ago and to have instrumented the sale of the first piece we discussed the prospect of her making at that time.”

Before the piece ships Helen will be showing the sold artwork to a client who intends to commission her for a bespoke artwork personal to them. So in turn this first speculative piece is already prompting a new commission for Helen’s own artistry. And thus the aims of Guilded comes full circle with perfect serendipity.