A Murmuration of over 1500 starlings are depicted in ‘Wave’ rolling and twisting in their almost impossible on mass flight – wings touching but never colliding. Daniel Byrne has captured one small section of a huge gathering of starlings totalling hundreds of thousands of birds. The movement is a mesmerising display, a freeze frame of what occurs with a effortlessness style. The starlings are printed, cut, edges inked and pinned off a printed skyscape background.

Materials & Finishes

Height 75 cm x Width 94 cm, Depth 5cm

    Custom made in response to requirement for size and orientation, colour to the frame and of the backboard which can be black or deep blue in colour. The framing illustrate is a standard wood frame with matt-black finish. Glazing options include ‘Tru-Vue’ museum quality, non-reflective glass on request.

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