A proposal for a Murmuration carried over a large scale triptych, shown at the drawing stage of development.

Materials & Finishes

Anna Gravelle’s works can be scaled to large size. The wood cloth background has a maximum width and this can be turned to enable longer lengths. Where the scale of any single piece would result in a seam, the artist will proposal a diptych or triptych as a solution, the latter making for a composition. As shown here the design can then run across the panels to bring the whole together.

Larger panels are recommended to be suspended from a bar, which is slid behind the top of the hanging and can be hidden from view. Smaller pieces can be set in a wood frame, painted to compliment the colouring of the piece and with a shadow gap to give the threads room to be contained within the outer profile of the piece.

Specific colours can be selected to suit your interior scheme: photographs and samples will be included for custom orders.

    Silky tufted threads on lined pure wool

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