Anna Gravelle presents a new series entitled Kirameki which, translated from the Japanese, means ‘shimmer’. The essence of this collection is quiet, reflective, calm pattern and texture.

The design is shown at the colour sketch stage of development.

Materials & Finishes

Anna Gravelle’s works can be scaled to large size. The wool cloth background has a maximum width and this can be turned to enable longer lengths and banners. Where the scale of any single piece would result in a seam, the artist will proposal a diptych or triptych as a solution, the latter making for a composition.

Larger panels are recommended to be suspended from a bar, which is slid behind the top of the hanging and can be hidden from view. Smaller pieces can be set in a wood frame, painted to compliment the colouring of the piece.

Specific colours can be selected to suit your interior scheme: photographs and samples will be included for custom orders.

    Silken threads on pure wool lined backcloth

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