Guilded artist Georgina Brett Chinnery making a custom artwork

Custom Art

There are a number of reasons why you may choose to commission a custom or bespoke artwork.

Taste in art is of course subjective and the first aim is for any purchase to resonate with its owner. However, choice can also be informed by more easily definable qualities: the use of, and furnishings and colours in, the space, the size of walls and available light. The practical characteristics that may inform choice of art for a Georgian rectory are likely to be very different from those in a New York loft or the marine environment of a yacht. 

It is also not uncommon to see a beautiful artwork hanging in a gallery only to discover that it is sold, or that it would not ‘fit’ in your space. Custom art offers a means to overcome and address all these issues.

Another perspective is that of the artist. Due to the material and development costs involved, producing speculative art can be a costly business. Material and process led art lends itself particularly well to the creation of a design that can be customised. This would normally include making to different dimensions, adapting method of presentation, colour or finish. It may be possible to commission the piece in materials best suited to the environment in which the piece is to be displayed. For example: a faux leather such as Magilite is the recommended alternative to real leather in the saline marine environment. Dyes can be used that are not light sensitive, and so on.

Where commissioning art is concerned, Guilded chooses to define custom art as the adaptation of an existing design, where a bespoke design is an original design. Bespoke design is not just for the adventurous. The role of Guilded is to clearly inform and guide so that a brief can be developed and delivered to your satisfaction. You are assured of an outcome that is unique, innovative and yours alone. 

It may well be that you know what you want to comission, that you would you like to know the possbilities, or several aspects of an artists work inspire a conversation towards a new development. 

What is the process?

Please enquire into any artwork featured on this website. Charlotte will inform you of the potential for customisation, and can guide the process to establish a brief.

Drawings (often overlaid over photographs of the space in question) can be made by the artist, samples offered and options explained and priced. 

At Guilded we understand that it is our role to inform and provide choice. We do not require you to state a budget up front. If you are willing to offer a guide that is helpful. In either event we will gladly provide information and options to demonstrate what can be achieved to suit you. 


A commission forms a contract between you, the client, and Guilded, the supplier and our professional framework of terms and conditions offer complete reassurance.

Guilded contracts the artist to deliver the commission. 

All commissioned work requires a 50% deposit on written confirmation of order and in settlement of invoice from Guilded, and 50% balance payment on completion with settlement due prior to dispatch. Carriage or international shipment and optional installation will be arranged and invoiced separately. In some cases a higher deposit may be required due to high material costs.

Please refer to our Services page for illustrations of recent Custom Art produced for our clients. 

Charlotte Bowater_Guilded by Charlotte Bowater_gathering inspiration for a bespoke commission