Yasemen Hussein is an ebullient bespoke sculptor designer maker whose work to date has included sculpture, furniture, jewellery and lighting for an eclectic mix of cultivated private and commercial clients worldwide.

Her dominant material of choice, metal, has inherently masculine associations, yet her treatment of it through her response to beauty and her daily adventures in mythology, fashion and historical and contemporary art results in work with a light-touch of femininity.

Yasemen is a tour de force and her work, is as exuberant and fantastical as it is organic. Her source material ranges from solid metal to copper piping or wire with which she appears to draw fluidly at any scale. Whether she is making intricate objects for a Tim Walker set, creating vast and dramatic wall art and sculptures for commission for the most luxurious interiors, or fashioning wearable sculpture her work is as fantastical as it is organic.

Yasemen divides her time between creating custom orders and developing original work to commission.

Guilded artist Yasemen Hussein at work in her studio


Bird Branch
Feather by Yasemen Hussein

“I’m inspired by mythology, the Italian renaissance and poetry,” she says. “Basically – beauty. And that could be Dolly Parton or Aubrey Beardsley.”  Marrying inspiration to fabrication, Yasemen’s work is an adventure between muse and material.

“The common thread in all my work is beauty, it’s simply powers everything I make, I see something I like, and then I hone in on what detail grabs my attention.

From this I am driven by the uncomplicated desire to celebrate what’s triggered my senses by making a physical created object.

I try not to control every step of making work; it’s truly an adventure between the muse and the materials.

A cliché perhaps, however beauty is relative in this world.

Inspiration, the fuel and the subsequent celebration for me comes primarily from my reverence to nature but also daily adventures in mythology, fashion and to be fair others people art, mostly historical and occasionally contemporary.

I introduce myself as “bespoke sculptor designer maker” using mixed media, predominantly metal and concrete, embracing my old school welding, working with a select few battered but much loved tools and a prized yellow concrete mixer.

I use copper wire a lot simply because I love the colour and it does what it’s told easily, like a pencil line that can bend into 3D, soldering it is like melting butter and very satisfying.

I’m not chained to familiar materials, it’s just what I’ve grown used to in the past and what’s at hand in my studio, adding new materials into the mix is always a welcome challenge for me.

My work so far has included sculpture, furniture, jewellery and lighting for a range of very eclectic private and commercial clients worldwide.

Some see my work as purely decorative, others connect to spirit, to nostalgia or sensory reaction.  How my work is categorised doesn’t influence why I make what I make.

Being able to create is simply a need in me. In my studio, music blasting, in the act of creating makes me conscious of how good it feels to be connected to all my senses.

The secret joy is that every time I finish a piece it’s a genuine surprise to me. “

Show Curriculum Vitae
Spice Girls, World Tour
London, UK
British Land, Clarges
London, UK
V&A Museum, Power & Politics Exhibition
London, UK
Museum of Witchcraft
Cornwall, UK
four Seasons Hotel
Tokyo, Japan
Joseph, Mayfair
London, UK
1508 Luxury Design House - Chandelier
London, UK
David Jeannet Fireplace Design
Prague, Czech Republic
Simon Costin - Set design and construction
London, UK
Katy Perry. American Idol
Britney Spears. Hold It Against Me Video
Los Angeles, USA
Candy & Candy
1 Hyde Park, London, UK
Will-I-Am (Black Eyed Peas Tour)
Los Angeles, USA
Museum Of London & Philip Treacy
London and USA
Victoria's Secret Catwalk Show
Toni & Guy (2008-11)
London, UK
Rupert Everett
London. UK
Ron Dennis
McLarens Headquarters', UK
Hampton Court Palace Flower Show
London, UK
Master of Fine Art in Glass Sculpture
Illinois State University, USA
Bachelor of Arts in Three Dimensional Design (Class 1 Division)
University of Wolverhampton, UK
Foundation in Art and Design (Distinction)
Bournville College of Art, UK