Yasemen Hussein

Yasemen Hussein
Charlotte Bowater

Yasemen is a multi-media bespoke sculptor and alchemist whose work never fails to be the conversation point of any space.

“I’m inspired by mythology, the Italian renaissance and poetry,” she says. “Basically – beauty. And that could be Dolly Parton or Aubrey Beardsley.”  Her work is as exuberant and fantastical as it is organic, and she works at any scale – from making intricate objects for a Tim Walker set, to creating vast and dramatic sculptures for atrium spaces.

Her metal feathers, for example, juxtapose elegance and lightness with the heft of their source material and are commissioned to act as light fittings, or interior centrepieces of varying sizes. “…but nothing is ever the same twice and because of the way I work, every piece is a totally original.”

Recently this translated literally into head-pieces commissioned by the Victoria & Albert Museum, London for their exhibition “Opera: Passion, Power and Politics”. These ‘costume’ pieces form part of a continual stream of commissions that have included wearable sculptures created for Will.i.am and Katy Perry as well as the Victoria’s Secret catwalk.  The last two remaining pieces from the Shows are being offered to collectors for the first time and are illustrated below: Chrome Ruff (2009) worn by Alessandra Ambrosio and Feathers worn by Maryna Linchuck (2008).




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Yasemen Hussein – bespoke multi-media artist and alchemist

Yasemen Hussein – bespoke multi-media artist and alchemist

Can you remember a moment in your life where you watched someone transform a seemingly unpromising raw ingredient into something…

Yasemen Hussein mixed media artist