Murmuration (landscape wall hanging)

Murmuration (landscape wall hanging)

Murmuration (landscape wall hanging)

Murmuration (landscape wall hanging)

Murmuration (landscape wall hanging)

Anna Gravelle

Murmuration is inspired by the phenomenon and movement of swirling masses of starlings as they come in to roost in the autumn.

Anna Gravelle’s piece equally captures the imagination and the energy of a murmuration in this piece.  Already three-dimensional artwork due to the textural tufting, she introduces further depth by introducing tonal shades of colour.

The hanging system is a polished acrylic bar with standing screws supplied making hanging as simple as hanging a painting. The textile sits away from the wall by 2cm creating a natural shadow and added layer of three-dimensionality.

An acrylic bar also supplied to slide into the bottom edge of the textile. This is not fixed but designed to weight the textile for an even hang.

This piece can be custom made to order using colours of the client’s choosing, so that the piece harmonises with the space in which it is due to hang.  It can also be varied in orientation (portrait, landscape or square).

The Technique

Anna Gravelle is is perhaps best known for taking the traditional craft of tufting (usually associated with rug making and candlewick bedspreads) and using its potential for adding a tactile and three-dimensional character not just to fabrics but as a medium for realising artworks. She has drawn on this tradition, more often associated with creating hardy wool rugs, and made it relevant for a contemporary audience, using luxury materials – the finest wool cloth and silky threads – making it decliate andworking the technique like exquisite embroidery. The result intrigues the viewer and draws them irresistibly to touch. 

Anna works on a customised tufting machine, the technique requiring her to work the fabric in reverse so she is almost ‘blind’ and having to use her skill and experience to develop her pattern. When the work is complete and Anna turns the fabric over there is a moment of revelation to see the embroidered texture beneath.

Her work therefore goes beyond intriguing textural form and engages us in the sheer skill of the maker. 


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