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IO moon is a free-form (lead free) cast pewter wall mounted sculpture, with in-built back lighting providing an element of functionality.

The signature of the artist Tom Palmer is in his exploration of technical process and material experimentation, here building up the cratered surface through repeated free-form castings.  The result is a piece that sits between art and design, fine and decorative art, form and function.

IO is illustrated here cast at a diameter of 79cms but bespoke sizes and multiples can be cast to order. While the very nature of free forming means no two castings would be exactly the same, the patina and surface coloration can be controlled giving the option of a darker patination or polishing to achieve a finish reminiscent of silver. 


2N8A9792 -product-main.jpg

2N8A9690 copy.jpgPewter Moon Surface News Size .jpg2N8A9812 copy.jpg