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Welcome to a retrospective of an exciting year at Guilded including the introduction of new artists, new work and involvement in recent projects and press.

I am delighted that a new website is under development, designed to enable you to get under the skin of the skill of Guilded makers and the bespoke commission potential in their work. We will announce its launch in the coming weeks.

Earlier this month I collaborated with for their piece 'A Guide to Bespoke', written to demystify labels such as limited edition, customised and bespoke, and to encourage commissioning as a route to achieving a truly unique work of art or furnishing.

One example featured is the huge 120cm Iris convex mirror commissioned from a prototype by Tom Palmer for our client Caroline Breteau (photographed).

Custom iris with Caroline Breateau.jpg

This extraordinary mirror was then followed by a series exploring new materials and technique, available to purchase and commission to custom size and orientation. Featured below is the Sumi brushwork mirror, realised with palladium and glass and offering multiple layers of reflectivity.

FullSizeRender-4 newsletter.jpeg

I am also delighted to be introducing new artists to the Guilded fold. Over the summer I met Suzi Joel whose multi-disciplinary practice explores connections, weaving materials from wool to detached bryozoan collected from the seashore with a narrative that just keeps on revealing new layers.

large-front newsletter.jpeg


Textile artist and designer Anna Gravelle meanwhile works with what is believed to be the only tufting machine in private hands and Guilded is delighted to be presenting her wall hung textile 'Murmuration' which has attracted interest as far afield as San Francisco.


I am delighted to have launched Guilded on Artsy and you can now view and access all the works we represent through our gallery there. We recommend following Guilded on the platform as we present exclusive curated online exhibitions highlight emerging and established makers, new techniques and work. Currently we are featuring a retrospective of sculptor Anne Curry as five of her works are exhibited at Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in their major inaugural exhibition 'Sculpt at Kew', and her most recent sculpture 'The Keeper of the Place' is attracting attention at the Venice Biennale. 


The next newsletter will provide details of Guilded's first ever UK show in central London, for which new work is being developed by four artists, all of whom are showing for the first time in a high-level international context and are set to engage visitors in a way that is not to be missed. This will be concurrent online with Artsy and thus accessible by all our clients around the world.