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- Private client, Texas:

"We cracked open the container yesterday and it is just beautiful ... Thank you so much for all your hard work. It has been well worth the wait, and it has been nothing but a pleasure to work with you." 

"It is finally up on the wall and it is lovely. It welcomes the morning light with such vitality; at night it essentially glows as the sun sets.....The story of its journey....Blott's and your perseverance and kindness all along the way, makes it all the sweeter -- so thank you. We adore it!"


-  Private client, Asia:

"I am very impressed with your wonderful gift in understanding the essence of the work...... connect to your sincere approach and deep appreciation of beauty." 


- Dell Mitchell Architects:

"As you say there is such a difference in quality between handmade items and those that are off the shelf.  I also think having evidence of the process helps tell a story about the house and how things were collected and commissioned to really make it unique." 


- Private client: 

"I received both the books and the samples. Thank you very much, they are beautiful. You really know what appeals to me" 


- Private client:

"I haven't seen my parents so agreed on aesthetics for a while and we all find Coryndon's proposed works enchanting......Thank you so much for your wonderful talent Charlotte!" 


- Architect firm, Connecticut:

"We agree it would be interesting to have your company create an accompanying piece to the lantern in the hall.  Not only will the finishes complement one another but there’s something interesting about it being created by the same hand.  There’s a lovely story about it."  


- The following from the blog of FRD: Designers and Makers:

"Sourcing interesting items for a project or collection can be a daunting task……that is when the experience of a    company like Guilded can be invaluable. As well as promoting outstanding British designer makers, craftsmen and artists Guilded are a resource for clients the world over seeking solutions for interiors, furniture and bespoke gifts.

Guilded has relationships with a range of designer craftspeople, artists and workshops who they are working with to present one-offs and limited editions for sale internationally via 1stdibs. Through this dedicated storefront FRD have a few select pieces available - namely the Harrison and Pineapple lanterns shown above, (including an image of a Harrison lantern which was recently installed in Connecticut). Having our pieces represented has been a great way of opening up a client base in America with the last two orders being shipped there. .."