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Guilded was founded in 2010 by Charlotte Bowater and is based in Dorset, in the South West of England.  The name of the company pays homage to the tradition of artistic guilds, conferring both a network as well as the seal of superior craftsmanship.

The focus of the business is to promote the highest standards of British craftsmanship and artistry worldwide. Guilded fosters both new and emerging talent as well as established makers, providing them with the opportunities to present their designs internationally and to attract commissions through our unique model which proactively encourages creative development.

Personal consultancy and outstanding service are Guilded's hallmarks. All clients deal with Charlotte whose experience in the art world - curating, managing collections, dealing in antique furniture as well as china and glass with names familiar across the globe: Sotheby's, Burghley House, Ronald Phillips Ltd and Thomas Goode - underpins Guilded. It is this background that enables her to offer the expertise, the credentials and a high level of discreet service to her clients, helping them achieve what they want at the right price, and ensuring what is delivered is of exceptional aesthetic and material quality.

We recognise that purchasing a furnishing or work of art is a very personal undertaking and taste and individuality is something to be encouraged, not judged. Individual tastes, whether for modern or traditional styles and the way we furnish our homes are informed by our familial, social and cultural context. Some look to the spaces in which we live or work to be practical, others pleasurable or inspirational.

It is this empathy and appreciation that taste is entirely individual that sets Guilded apart. Charlotte states that 'good' taste is about far more than a subjective opinion.  Her focus is to ensure that a furnishing or work of art relates to its context in scale, colour, texture, ambiance, surrounding furnishings and functionality. She believes a piece should reflect her client and how they choose to live.  She thinks like an architect or interior decorator in this respect, but she takes her contribution to clients a step further by considering how, for instance, the piece relates to its cultural and immediate social context. 

You can find more details of our work on our Case Studies page and see why our clients return to us again and again on our Testimonials page.  Whether the commission is a small gift or a major artwork, we enjoy each challenge and devote the same attention and care to them all.