Joel Parkes

The first collection in the ECLOSION triptych, ‘Ecdysis’ consists of three sculptures representing Integument, Meiosis and Ecdysis.   The trio is the expression of the germination, swelling and subsequent bursting of a seed into life.

Integument is the jewel-like seed, in its hard shiny, beautiful casing. Meiosis is its more swollen, gestated state. Ecdysis, is the opening of the seed

Integument is nestled within the Ecdysis vessel to iterate the cyclical notion of life. The colours of the trio play with the duality of light and dark – the bright quickening of life in nature graduating to darkness which in turn allows for bright iridescent potential.


ECLOSION was an installation exploring the notion of Transfiguration as a single organic entity evolving through its life-cycle.

At its core were three vessels hand-carved from the same oak tree expressing, through a single form, the stages of fertility, pregnancy and rebirth.  The vessels are grouped with ancillary objects which further illustrate the narrative stages.

Parkes celebrates that which makes his material of choice so powerful, its richness of grain and markings that would not exist without its own complex organic life cycle.


oak / rhododendron / pewter / copper / gold / acrylic / fire

Dimensions: 63, 30, 30

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