Joel Parkes

The third and final form of the Eclosion series represented the process where flowers die back to reveal a swollen form full of the potential of life.  There is acknowledgement of the fading of the energy in the life giver contrasted with the beauty that comes with the promise of new life – encapsulated in the seeds with their tight, polished and jewelled surfaces.


ECLOSION was an installation exploring the notion of Transfiguration as a single organic entity evolving through its life-cycle.

At its core were three vessels hand-carved from the same oak tree expressing, through a single form, the stages of fertility, pregnancy and rebirth.  The vessels were grouped with ancillary objects which further illustrated the narrative stages.

Parkes celebrates that which makes his material of choice so powerful, its richness of grain and markings that would not exist without its own complex organic life cycle.

The sculptures demonstrated the thinking behind, and evolution of, a work of art. The three core sculptures were snapshots of the same vessel in three stages of the developing concept; representing the birth of an idea and its gestation, the process of reaching maturity and the power of inner metamorphosis to create the seed of new life.



oak / lacewood / magnolia / pewter / copper / brass / gold / flourite / jasper / fire

Dimensions: H 79 / D52 / W68

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